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Having Garage door issues or has your door stopped working? Do not hesitate to call our team here at Garage Door Repair in Farmington Mn. Our guys are on call 24/7 to answer your questions or concerns. We also do emergency repairs. We are here for you to help you with all your garage door repairs and service.

Our Team Is Here For You

We are very careful in deciding on our team members here at Garage Door Repair in Farmington Mn. We have only members who are ready to serve your needs 100% and dedication to you our customer is a must to be a part of our team. Customer Service Reps. are here waiting to hear and help you with your concerns. Our techs. And other team members will strive to provide you with outstanding service and repair.

Your Garage Door Solution Is Here

When you are having issues with your garage door, It is always best to search for experience professional help that can assess the problem and get you the best solution to your needs. We are here to troubleshoot whatever problem you may be dealing with and supply you with what option we have available to correct your issues. Our techs go above and beyond to make your garage door repairs.  There is no pressure at all just honest solutions and your choice of options. We will inform you of the options and you can then decide when and if your repairs can be started. Below is a list of the most common repairs that were usually dealing with.
  • Springs-Whether you have torsion or extension springs, our techs are qualified to safely make the needed repairs.
  • Cables-We replace broken, bent or frail cables. Some cables may come off the drum, we can safely put back on or replace.
  • Tracks- Garage doors are always on tracks and when they get out of line or bend, we can replace or sometimes straighten them.
  • Garage Door Openers- Garage door openers are a motorized device that open and close your door, most include a handheld remote carried by the owner. Sometimes the batteries just need to be changed and sometimes it could be a bad board which can be replaced.
Our company has knowledge of all brands of garage doors. We can also get the parts needed to repair your door.
  • Cables-You always need to keep a check on cables for frails and places that could be bent and the tension should be the same on each side or this can cause the door to be unlevel and travel more to one side.
  • Rollers- The rollers can get out of the track and cause sections or panels to fall.
  • Springs- Springs are supposed to make your door light enough to lift on your own or the power of opener to lift easily. We can get the best quality springs for your door.
  • Photo Eyes- Will cause the door not to operate.
The parts above should be checked on a regular basis, and changed if needed. Our techs always check the photo eyes, tracks, and cables for visual damage. If you don’t do preventive maintenance it can be costly later.

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No one wants to deal with door problems, but emergencies do happen. We are here for you 24/7 to answer your calls. Call us now! Our customers are very important to us to give us a call for all your garage door needs.

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